Stay compliant with asbestos re-inspection

As part of a controlled regular asbestos management programme, AMC surveyors can re-inspect any previously surveyed property to update the information held on the asbestos register.

Re-inspection schedules can be tailored to your specific requirements which we will establish with you. Where necessary, we can handle discussions with the HSE on your behalf.

Requirement to re-inspect

The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 requires that the condition of asbestos containing materials (ACMs) must be inspected regularly and records updated accordingly. The frequency of the asbestos inspection regime must not exceed 12 months but is dictated by the nature of risk that the asbestos poses. The risk is assessed by the type, extent, condition and location of the asbestos.

Over time, asbestos-based products can degenerate, weather or be accidentally damaged thereby causing the risks associated with the material to change substantially.

Additionally, the approved code of practice requires the asbestos management plan to be reviewed every six months. We can advise on or supply efficient methods for complying with this requirement.

Flexible re-inspections

AMC surveyors can re-inspect any previously surveyed property and update the information held. This service can be provided on a one-off basis or for periods of three, five or ten years. The longer-term options ensure the consistent maintenance of compliance information and provide the advantage of cost certainty that protects your investment in the initial survey.

Additionally, as part of our re-inspection services we incorporate a review of your asbestos management plan. HSE guidance states this should be undertaken every six months. Our approach, procedures and checks ensure this is not an overly costly or time-consuming task.

We recommend that re-inspections are carried out every 6-12 months.

How AMC can help you

We aim to make the ongoing management of any asbestos on your site as easy as possible. AMC surveyors will:

  • Assess your current asbestos records and their format
  • Provide a cost and schedule for re-inspection
  • Contact you before your asbestos re-inspection is due
  • Re-inspect your sites and update your asbestos records in your preferred format
  • Advise you of where there have been any changes to asbestos containing materials and provide recommendations to maintain
  • Ensure the compliance of your asbestos policy, including reviewing your management plan
  • Repeat the above processes on your behalf ensuring on-going compliance

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