Asbestos services

AMC Asbestos Management offers a wide range of asbestos services. We are your one stop shop for all your asbestos needs and can make sure you’re fully compliant with asbestos law.

We offer complete process management from desktop study through surveying and management to remedial actions, reassurance air testing and training. Just get in touch today to find out how we can help you.

Asbestos surveys

We have three separate asbestos surveys that we can undertake on your property. These support you with your ongoing asbestos management, help you be confident of safety during any planned demolition and refurbishment, and can ensure domestic properties are safe from asbestos.

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Re-inspection services

If asbestos has been identified on your property, it is your legal obligation to ensure it is not harmful to people who live, work or visit the area. This requires regular re-inspection to make sure the material has not degenerated or been damaged in any way.

Our asbestos re-inspection services assess the risk, type, extent, condition and the location of any asbestos on your site. They can be scheduled to fit around your needs to cause the least disruption to your daily operation.

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Asbestos sampling

Often, it is necessary for us to sample asbestos to fully understand how much of a risk it presents. We have 5 UKAS accredited laboratories all over the UK for analysing asbestos samples. We’re also able to offer rapid response to testing to ensure you always have access to the answers you need.

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If you need support with managing asbestos, call 01759 307 412 today. We can make sure you meet your asbestos obligations.