Industrial asbestos services

AMC offer a range of industrial asbestos services to ensure your business or work space is safe. Over 5,000 people die from asbestos related illnesses each year in the UK. Approximately 20 tradespeople die every week from their exposure to asbestos. Whether you have a single base or move from site to site, make sure you aren’t at risk in any workplace.

Is asbestos present?

If there’s no asbestos present in the building, then you don’t need to worry. If the building or refurbishment was completed after 2000, you’ll be safe to set to work.

If it was built or refurbished pre-2000, the space could contain asbestos. There are lots of materials that could contain asbestos that you should be aware of. HSE have produced a useful infographic to point out where the most common instances of asbestos can be found.

Where asbestos hides in an industrial building

Asbestos was a very popular building material as it is fire resistant and great for insulation. If asbestos isn’t damaged, the risks it poses are minimal. The dutyholder of the premises will be required to monitor it and ensure there is no degeneration of the material. If the asbestos material is worn or broken, then harmful fibres can be released and further action needs to be taken.

What our clients say...

"AMC are very reliable on their delivery time scales. Their asbestos reports are easy to follow and detailed. Financially, their prices are extremely competitive and their service is fantastic."

How AMC can help

AMC are experts in managing the asbestos risk in industrial properties. We help you confidently meet all your asbestos regulations and protect anyone who regularly spends time in your property. Whether it’s your industrial building, or a site you’re working on, we’re your one stop shop for asbestos support.

Our asbestos management surveys help you to locate the extent of asbestos containing materials in the premises. These services are as discreet as possible to help minimise the disruption to your working environment. We might take samples to confirm the presence or absence of asbestos, though this isn’t always necessary.

AMC’s UKAS accredited laboratories can analyse your materials to test their stability. We offer rapid results to ensure speedy access to the vital information you need for your workplace.

Once we’ve confirmed there’s asbestos on your premises, we can help you manage it. We offer flexible re-inspections to help you continue to manage any asbestos that does not present a risk to anyone on site. That’s why our industrial asbestos services are so highly regarded.

We’re fully independent from all asbestos removal companies. That means we’re impartial when it comes to removal and can offer the very best value for money. All AMC clients have access to a dedicated, 24 hour asbestos helpline too.

AMC help you remain on the right side of asbestos law at all times.

Tips for minimising risks

There are lots of simple steps you can take to minimise your risk of exposure to harmful asbestos in industrial environments:

  • Reduce dust – dusty, asbestos fibres entering your body as you breathe can cause illness. Avoid creating dust while you work as much as possible. Dampening the workspace can help prevent the spread of dust.
  • Clean as you go – if you create dust, make sure it’s cleaned as quickly as possible to reduce your exposure time. Make sure you put your waste and cleaning materials in an asbestos waste bag.
  • Use personal protective equipment – make sure you’re wearing industry approved protective clothing at all times during work with asbestos. Do not take these items home with you as fibres can be transferred from your clothing to your friends and family.

If you unexpectedly discover asbestos while you’re working, stop immediately. Put up a warning sign to prevent others from entering the space and report it immediately to the dutyholder.

An asbestos survey will be required to confirm if there is any danger and the appropriate measures can be put in place. A licensed contractor may be required to finish the work. Illnesses from asbestos can take years to fully develop, so don’t risk your future health for cost savings in the present.

AMC can help you manage all your asbestos needs

As an AMC client, you can reach our dedicated asbestos helpline at any point of the day or night by calling 01759 307 412. We’re here to help you stay asbestos legal.

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